Riendas Libres


A family bonded by love and music: Riendas Libres (Free Reins) is a trio. It is a musical project in which each member is indispensable and interconnected.

Martina Ulrich keeps the beat by playing her bombo, a traditional Argentinean percussion instrument, combining it with her drum set, merging it all together while marking her own unique style.

Homero Carabajal contributes his creativity and talent, but also the intensity of his youth, which signals a new path.

Peteco Carabajal. is a pioneer of the new folklore tradition. He has written some of the most often interpreted and well-loved songs of the Argentinean songbook. He brings forth experience and wisdom to the project.

Together they blend magic and love, music and family. For them, it’s a way of living.

Martina Ulrich

Martina Ulrich

Martina Ulrich
Percussion - Vocals
Peteco Carabajal

Peteco Carabajal

Peteco Carabajal
Vocals - Guitar, Violin
Homero Carabajal

Homero Carabajal

Homero Carabajal
Vocals - Guitar


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